Contributing Authors


Larry Fulton
New Mexico, USA

Once you open yourself up to the infinite possibilities of all that is really happening in our lives and world, that leads to still more searching...and still more helpful information. For example, there are connections, I believe, between the appearances of crop circles all over the world, and other Light Beings and entities that have begun appearing now on the planet. We are raising our Consciousness and as our Consciousness opens up (and our technology improves), we are finding and experiencing much more than we ever thought possible for our lives years ago. I believe the orbs and other Light Beings are helping us to heal and understand and promote to others their messages of Oneness and Unity and Love. 

As more and more people begin to become aware of and experience their own interactions with orbs and other Light Beings, they begin to ask questions which open them up to higher dimensions, portals, and new ways of thinking and seeing. They feel closer to the Creator of All That is, to Source, and that leads to greater peace, tolerance, and their spirits evolving and opening up.

In gratitude for all we have learned and experienced, Linda and I created a website: and we have been extremely gratified by the response, not only to our photographs but also in the sharing of our stories and all that we are learning from each other. People from all over the world are eager to talk about what is happening to them and to share their experiences with those who understand. They learn to set aside doubts and fears due to old ways of thinking and being. These are challenging times right now for our planet Earth, and all these experiences are helping us to prepare and to educate ourselves how to be ready for whatever comes next. 

Mimi McCarley
California, USA

During my training and years of practice as a nurse, I studied both traditional and alternative methods of healing.  One important way of helping to promote health and well-being is to help people understand the role of the body’s energy centers and chakras.  I believe the colors of the orbs we are seeing are correlated to the colors of our own chakras and spiritual energy centers and thus the orbs are helping us to integrate both the physical and the spiritual to help us heal and be healthy. 

In my own experiences with the orbs and lightwaves, the importance of numbers as symbols of collective and cosmic consciousness has emerged to help me understand and reflect on the significant changes and patterns in my life through the activation of memories with my DNA codes. The series of photos here, for example, that show almost exact timing, in fives, on a variety of days, to me represents the presence of higher intelligence at work and are indicators of significant life changes that are occurring.

I have been learning from the orbs and lightwaves to open myself in new ways to release past regrets and to see my experiences in this life in the context of a much larger, more creative and integrated whole and spiritual center. 

Melanie France
Wisconsin, USA

We live in Wisconsin, and on October 1, 2008 as my husband Jerry and I were out on our evening walk in our backyard, suddenly an inspiration came to me to build a labyrinth there for peace and healing.  From that moment on, my labyrinth idea seemed to take on a whole new energy all its own.  Things just kept falling into place for its building, and synchronicities and miracles began to happen. By October 10, we had laid down over twelve tons of large stones, 9,600 pounds of crushed limestone, and 8,000 pounds of cobblestones.... 

...In the months that followed, I took thousands of pictures.  I was on a mission to discover why orbs were coming to the labyrinth.  Did the labyrinth create a portal for them to come into our dimension?  This was just one of many questions I had about them.  I tried meditating to communicate with them.  I discovered they were able to understand my thoughts!  I asked them on many occasions to move to different locations around the property and eventually to other locations and they honored my requests.  When I was video taping for a DVD I was making, I asked them to appear in one picture and not in the second.  I got some fantastic footage of them in beautiful green and blue colors and in the next picture they were gone just as I had asked!  One evening a group of women came to visit and one woman had an Orb attached to her back.  Part of the Orb had disappeared into her back.  When I showed her the picture, she lifted up her shirt and revealed a dark scar from her recent back surgery.  Is it possible they have the ability to help us heal? 

This is the link to my website:

And, here are links where you can also buy my earlier books:

"Chasing Orbs" -

"The Secret of the Bluff Trail Labyrinth" -

Gretchen G. Hermey
Washington, USA

I am an artist and my carvings and other painted pieces have been exhibited at Studio 109 in Ocean City, Washington over several years. You will find some examples of my work on my pages in this new book.

Orbs first appeared to me in 2008 when I was photographing a neighborhood gathering in our backyard here in Washington.  I have noticed that orbs seem to be attracted to, among other things, gatherings of happy people, as well as children, animals, and those who are on a personal or spiritual search.  I believe the orbs are a part of my own spiritual journey, and I have learned from them that we should try as much as possible to stay centered in Love and not be judgmental toward others.  Also, if you throw a big party, the orbs will join you every time!  

Rose McCay
Indiana, USA

It was an honor to have been asked to contribute some of my orb photos and thoughts about them to this Orbs Around the World Anthology.

There are so many theories about what the orbs are, where they might come from, why they are here and so on.  I think about these theories often.   What I want to do here is merely list some questions that keep running through my mind as I take photos and as I work with them in my computer.  Often I am so awestruck by the beauty and mystery they present that I am moved to tears.

Here are some of my questions. Maybe you have had some of the same questions or hopefully even more.

Why are some orbs so very opaque, others extremely transparent, and still others at many states in between?

When I make adjustments in my photo program, why does each orb adjust differently?

Why do orbs appear in more abundance during rain and snow? (as a rule)

What does it mean when there is clearly a human like face within the orb or when at times there appear to be many faces that almost overlap?

When I make adjustments, where do all the brilliant colors originate? Does the orb determine the colors or the program or both?  And why do some features in an orb disappear after several adjustments and other features can still be seen after many adjustments?

Are there messages within the orbs that we are meant to receive?  Are they trying to tell us something?  Why are they here?  Where do they come from?

Why do some people seem to find more orbs in their photos than other people?

This is only a partial list of questions but sufficient to get across the point that the mystery does fascinate and surround me.  And I like to think that what Rilke, the poet, said might be true---that if I live with the questions, I may someday, somewhere in the distant future, live into the answers.

It was 2006 when I learned about orbs.  I was in Orkney, Scotland using my first digital camera. I thought that was the first time for orbs to appear in my photos.  However, a few weeks ago I was going through some old photos and discovered orbs in a few pictures that I had taken fifteen years ago with a film camera in the daytime and without a flash.  Like I said, what a beautiful mystery these orbs present to us!!

I do not have a website as yet.  If you would like to see more of my orb photographs, you may email me at:

If you haven’t already explored the mystery and wonder of orbs, I hope you will get out your camera and take part in this enigmatic and fascinating journey.

Rose McCay, mixed media artist and photographer
Bloomington, Indiana

Susan Campbell
Delaware, USA

I am humbled and honored that the orbs and lightwaves have come into my life. They have opened me up to a profound awareness of the Universe/Cosmos. To be able to see the energies that I have always felt around me has been validating as well as truly energizing and healing. The feeling I get when I see them goes straight to my soul and makes my heart smile. I appreciate my friendship with Sandy because we not only share our love of trees and forests and of orbs and lightwaves, but it is through her dream to create this book with us that we are able to share our knowledge and experiences with the world. 

Cheryl D. Snider
Ontario, CANADA

I think the times we are living in now, as all our orbs experiences and photos are showing us, are a period of great awakening for all humanity.  It is a time to ask ourselves questions about some of the bigger issues in our lives.  I feel very blessed -- as you'll see in our book -- to have had the orbs experiences that are perhaps unique to me in the fact of these additional mysteries happening besides just the appearance of orbs and Light Beings in my photos. 

We have a group of on-line friends who love orbs and share our photos so we can discuss and learn more about the phenomenon than just our own experience of it. Often someone else will notice things we had not.  The orbs seem to want us to know that this, in itself, is a message from them, I believe! Finally, orbs seem to be all around us....everywhere. They seem to want us to know that we are not alone. And, I believe they especially want to make us aware that there is much, much more to our lives and our world than we think.

Debi Moynan
Quebec, CANADA

In my most memorable experience with orbs, my family was looking forward to its newest member due the second week of August 2010. My sister would be a first-time grandmother and I would be a first-time great-aunt.  On the night of August second, I was sitting at my computer reading my e-mail when I suddenly felt the urge to pick up my camera and go outside to take a picture.  I no sooner snapped my second photo, when a brilliant light flashed before me. I felt inexplicably filled with a sense of joy that I can only describe as bliss.

Looking at the camera’s viewfinder, I confirmed the light whose energy seemed to permeate my whole being. Immediately I knew this appearance was a message with wonderful news. Somehow this brilliant orb manifestation and the rush of elation I was experiencing made me realize that this was in celebration of our family’s newborn babe.   And, as if to erase any trace of doubt, the birth of my great-nephew was confirmed the following day by my sister’s phone call. The time of his birth was 9:18 p.m. -- the exact moment I had taken the picture! 


Monica Flores

In June 2011, in my back yard I had an overwhelmingly powerful spiritual experience with a brilliant violet light appearing together with a sound that seemed to come from another dimension. A photo I took showed a brightly lit cross surrounded by still more light. Instantly I felt loved by God and very, very grateful. Since then so many orbs have appeared and so much has happened, with many photographs showing it, that I have learned there is a portal to and from another dimension in my backyard. You can actually feel the powerful energies there. I believe these orbs are guides, Angels, fairies, and spirits who are working at the cosmic level to let us know that we are not alone and that they are always there to help and protect us and to help us to grow and evolve and awaken us to All That Is.  The energy they transmit is so wonderful, so loving and even at times playful.  They are always around us, and we have only to call them with our hearts and they will appear.  I can see them now at times with my own eyes.

I have many photos in our book but you can also visit:


Continent - EUROPE

Sigrund Holmberg

I have attended several conferences and discussions having to do with such mysterious occurrences and related subjects as the orb phenomenon.  For example, there is a picture of me with a big orb on my head you can see on the Home page of this website!  It was taken at an “AlternativFestival” in 2007 held up in a mountain in Norway.  The photo was taken at the closing ceremony right before we had to leave by my sister, Kari Palmgren, who was with me and the 140 other Scandinavians who attended the festival. 

One of the things I really enjoy is being able to share and discuss our photographs with a group of other orb lovers on the social media, Facebook, which is where I first met our editor and my friend Sandra.

We all hope you will enjoy our stories and photos in this new anthology!

Virpi Yli-Vakkuri

I am Virpi Yli-Vakkuri. I was born in 1952, and I’m from a little village in Finland called Pälkäne. I live with my husband in the countryside in a peaceful house where I can also do my art work. We have one adult son.

I am and I do many things but my real love now is as an artist and sculptor. I studied art when we lived in Switzerland for seven years. Recently, here in Finland, I have also completed studies for sculpting in stone.  Before that for nearly twenty years I had worked in the field of social work and therapy. 

Our new book shows my atelier as well as my future home gallery for exhibiting my art pieces.  It describes and illustrates, of course, my experiences with the orb phenomenon. One of the photos in our book is a photo of me surrounded by orbs standing outside my atelier.  You can also see it on our Home page of this website.

You may also see some of my art works at my new website: and learn more about my work as well as how to purchase them if you have an interest.

Kirsten Brinkmann Sorensen

In 2006, I began to see orbs in my photos. I soon realized that they are not dust, because I could see them with the naked eye too.

I see them as ethereal spheres, which rotate very quickly around its own axis and can be in motion through the air or standing still.

They radiate a cone of light, and I have often seen a flash occur between one or more orbs. With my eyes closed, I see them as a very bright white light, or they radiate a blue colour moving in spirals, fractal patterns or clouds of colour.

I see different patterns or symbols inside each orb, and they can merge together into a very large orb and create patterns and symbols. At night i am surrounded with images of perfect, beautiful geometric patterns covering all my walls and ceiling in my bedroom.

In the literature about The Flower of Life, Sacred geometry and quantum physics, I found theories that underpin my experiences.

And I learned that people had seen this since ancient times, because you can find it on ancient artifacts every where on the planet from the very beginning of human life.

Brittmarie Johansen

...I had heard about orb beings from people who had experienced them so I knew they existed, but I had never met them myself until that evening in January 2010. It was a wonderful start to something new in my life, a very spiritual meeting. This meeting to me was a confirmation of what I’ve always known since I was a child, that we are not alone and that there is more around us that we perhaps cannot see but sometimes can often feel. Today the new digital cameras are giving us just a glimpse of all that is really all around us. With my camera and my photos I started to learn more about orb beings, and I also read a few books that really helped me. I have always been so happy and feel so blessed that I am one of all the other people who have had the chance to meet and have experiences with them.

My belief is that orbs are here to support us, to heal us, and to enlighten us.  Sometimes their appearance brings comfort and they touch your heart so much that it actually makes me cry....

Gunhild Olaussen Karlsen

...More and more beautiful blue orbs and bright lightwaves have appeared near our cathedral where we live in Hamar.  (You can see a photo on the Home page here.)  Recently our family underwent a very traumatic experience, and it was possible that an immediate family member might die.  We prayed, and our friends prayed, and during that time the orbs and lightwaves seemed to be everywhere to reassure and comfort us and give us hope.  We believe all this loving energy has given our story a happy ending, and we are amazed that it looks now as though everything will be okay after all....

...Six years ago, my dear best friend, Lillian, only 40 years old, died suddenly of a heart attack. After her death, my husband, Torbjørn, and I were visiting her husband and son, and one of my photos shows them with several orbs appearing around them. I believe they were a sign from her that she was present with us then, letting us know her spirit is always nearby. When the orbs came into my life, they always comforted me and let me know her spirit was present....

Here is the way to contact me at Facebook:


John Pickering and Katie Hall


We live in part of what was once the home of Lord Wakefield. All our photographs were taken in the grounds and garden here. For us orbs came to symbolize the importance of Oneness, which ultimately led us to become members of our local Unitarian Chapel. Since then our Unitarian friends have met in our front room, which is where, one evening years before, the orb phenomenon first made itself known as both conscious and interactive. Recently, Dr. Don Kerr, a member of our Chapel, whilst doing some local history research, discovered that in the 1850’s the first group of ‘Quaker Unitarians’ held their meeting in the very house where we now live! They too would have gathered in our front room, around the very same Victorian fireplace, where we all now meet as Unitarians in the 21st Century!

Orbs, messages of Oneness and synchronicity had embraced us within a circle of spiritual connections across time!

We are living in the Mystery and Wonder of Each Moment!


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Mya G. Gleny

...My story with orbs began just over a year ago.  Unlike some, I didn’t become aware of orbs through noticing them in photographs; I saw them first with my own eyes when out walking in nature.  They would appear as bright flashes of purple light, right beside me, exploding with color then vanishing before I had time to consider what I had seen. It was an incremental thing.  Hardly noticeable at first, I gradually became aware of seeing these lights, and wondered what they could mean.  Was I going mad?  Did I have some hideous optic disturbance?  What was going on? On one very special day when the lights appeared again, I had my camera with me and decided, spontaneously, to take a picture.  When I got home and loaded the photo on to the computer, there they were, two little purple orbs shining out at me.  The smile I pulled that day went from ear to ear, and from that moment on I was hooked!

For me, I get the best pictures when outside at dawn or dusk and in amongst Mother Nature in all her glory.  Is it the stillness of the woodland, far away from the hustle and bustle of towns and cities that enables them to reveal themselves? Or is it something to do with me, and how this environment makes me feel?  It does seem to make a big difference to the appearance, or not, of orbs if my mood is lighter....

If you'd like to comment on my photos in our book, please send me an email at

Margaret Ring

I am Margaret Ring also known as  Meritaten RahaNamsai (my spiritual name), a Lightworker awakened in 1993 after the death of my brother from cancer.  I was an early Indigo born in the 60's, a free spirited child who could see orbs and played with nature.  I was shut down to this side of myself during my school years but started to question soon after my brother's death, which brought me back onto the path of my true Nature. 

After studying, reading, questioning and overcoming many challenges because of my belief in Love, I finally started Lightworking in 2009 as a Reflexologist, Seichem Healer, Reiki Master,  Indian Head Massage Therapist, and Spiritual Coach. In addition, I write affirmations and poetry to assist in the awakening of other Indigos, Starseeds and Crystals. I have worked with people with learning and physical disabilities and dementia and have spiritually coached many seeking awakening. 

I held Light at The Sacred Stone Circle Grange in Limerick, Ireland until finally moving to England in 2010 where I carried out clearings at Stonehenge and Avebury Stone Circle in Wiltshire and Somerset.

My purpose is to be Light at this special and sacred time of our evolution.

To connect to Meritaten RahaNamsai on Facebook:

or, The Indigo Awakening Gathering Group on Facebook:

Carmel Jane Doak

....In 1990 I journeyed south to the mythical, magical island of Crete which is where I was to meet my Greek husband to be.  Giannis was the kindest, most caring, giving individual I had ever known, someone who really lived from the heart and within two years we were celebrating our wedding!

Early into our married life we knew we wanted to create something together that gave to others and when we heard that the restaurant we often frequented was for sale, we both knew it felt right.  Eighteen years later we still have our restaurant Kariatis which is in the most beautiful setting, built on the old Venetian wall in the heart of the old harbor of Chania. 

In 2004 with the success of Kariatis we opened our second restaurant, Zafferano.  We know from the lovely compliments we have received over the years that what we have created at both our restaurants has contributed to many happy memories for a great many people and we continue to love what we do, simply because it brings happiness and joy to others...

...Life is full of peaks and valleys and in 2005 we faced huge sadness when Giannis’ father passed away.  He was so full of spirit, adored by everyone who knew him and a great friend to many.  His name was Michaelis, born in 1930 and raised in the village of Ano Vouves. When he retired, he moved back to his family home that had been left to him by his father and set about raising funds to build a village church which was finally finished under his watchful eye some eight years later. 

The huge orb that appeared over the church in February 2010 shown in the book I believe was his spirit coming through, just to remind us that we are loved and that he is still watching over us....


Grazyna Babut-Prykiel

...Increasingly we are discovering more and more about Consciousness and our own divinity. The Universe is opening us to its many mysteries, and we are starting to see that what had formerly appeared as randomness now reveals meaningful forms and depths of understanding. Slowly, as we take a new look around us, we are beginning to see omnipresent energy and realize that everything is sacred. What we had always believed was material now appears as various forms of divine energy. And, as people continue to fight amongst themselves due to their fear and feelings of separation from their Source energy, we have discovered that the only solution is, one by one, an inner transformation and raising of Consciousness. As we reunify with and acknowledge Cosmic energy, our feelings of infinite Love overfl ow. Those who experience this for themselves often feel the need to help others take the next step on their path of evolution by helping them learn to listen to their inner voice and intuition for guidance and direction.....

...In this book, in my photographs you can see the energy emanating from my hands and the aura that surrounds me and my body connecting to the orbs and Beings of energy you see in the photos. The orbs connect with us through the energy emanating from us and use it to communicate with us telepathically. The number of people who report this happening as they interact with orbs is very high and there are specific examples, stories, and photographs to prove these communications are taking place....

If you wish to contact me about my work you can do so at


Continent - ASIA


I am originally from Japan. I have been traveling around the world throughout Asia, Australia/Oceania, Africa, North and Central America, and Europe since April of 1999. I started my new way of life as a Busker in 2005, and today I am performing on the stage at festivals, events, workshops and for Didgeridoo healing sessions and meditation. (The Didgeridoo is a unique and ancient woodwind instrument that originated in the northern Australian Aboriginal culture, one of the oldest living cultures on Earth.)  My music comes from Nature as well as from the culture of the countries I have visited and from myself. I believe language is not the only means of communication and that music knows no frontiers or barriers.

I first began to see orbs when I started sound healing work with my Didgeridoo, especially in my shows and workshops at various schools and also out in Nature. Orbs are always appearing whenever I play my music. They seem to be very fond of “joy” and “happiness” as we are....

To learn more about me and my work and music, please visit my website:

Ozge Simsek

I am Ozge Simsek and I am from Istanbul, Turkey. I am a holistic therapist, healer, writer, teacher, and student, in addition to the other roles we all have in life.
Before my spiritual awakening I was not aware of orbs.  In 2009 I started to see orbs in my pictures whenever they chose to show themselves. They amaze me all the time.

Orbs are not well known in Turkey, and that is why the first question people ask me is: what are they?  To me the right question to ask is, why are they here at this time? To try to understand them with our ordinary senses does not allow us to see their true nature. I believe we need to wait for them to introduce themselves to us and experience them for ourselves.

Pure intentions and a big, wide, open heart transmit our Love in and through dimensions. Most of the orbs I have seen are circles.  However, I have also seen them heart shaped, funnel shaped, and moving and in ectoplasmic ones captured in my photos.  Lately orbs have been increasing in their appearances. Realizing that we co-exist with them gives me a feeling of bliss.

I have taken pictures of orbs in old mosques, churches and at concerts or I should say they have blessed me with their presence, and I have realized one more time that sacred energy is everywhere and that none of us is very different from each other in that sense. I believe their multidimensional geometry and energies are helping and healing us even though we may not be aware of them doing it. I have taken the following orbs pictures in many different cities of Turkey, such as Istanbul, Bodrum, and Cappadocia. Istanbul has always been a known energy vortex with its magnificent places of worship and countless historical sites....

I hope you will enjoy my orbs photos in our new book!


Continent - AFRICA

Kerrie Guy

...What were orbs? I wondered. People had varying opinions, but I preferred not to form any opinion as I was honestly unsure what they were, but I sensed they had meaning. Of course there were always those who were adamant that orbs were simply dust particles or camera-flash induced distortions. Intuitively I felt they were much more than that but I chose not to make or voice any presumptions. After that tour ended I continued orb hunting throughout Cairo where I photographed many orbs in both expected and unexpected places in varying presentations of form. Eventually I accepted orbs as Angelic Beings of Light as I always felt good in their presence and truly believed that they could only come from a higher realm of life. 

To me orbs represent the evolution of consciousness before it takes form. To another person they may reveal a different message. This is a time of huge change in our world, and I believe there is much to be revealed to us all, one by one, until we fully realize that we are, in fact, One combined Human race instead of separate humans racing for individual power and supremacy. The future of humanity depends on us!...

For more, please visit:!/SoulfulSayer444



Cedar Rivers

Orbs began appearing in my photos in 2007 during an evening’s Australia Day festivities I was attending. Seeing these balls of lights was totally new to me and, by observing their antics on the screen of my new digital camera, it was obvious that they were enjoying the celebrations just as much as the humans were.

Later that night I loaded my photos onto my computer and studied the features of the orbs for several hours. Thus began a profound photographic journey with the vast array of life-forms that inhabit the invisible realms of Spirit. Due to a life-long interest in the paranormal, I had long been aware of angels, nature spirits and the like, and I felt exhilarated and privileged that these entities were choosing to show themselves to me. The digital camera had finally revealed what has been with me in Spirit all along....

Watch Cedar's website for news of her books 'Elementals', 'Fascinating Phenomena' and 'Orbsters Unite' showcasing her splendid photography.

Violet Chrissy

My beliefs about the orb phenomenon may differ from others who feel they are spirits of the deceased persons only.  From my encounters with them, I feel these beings are far more complex than that, but I do believe some of the manifestations could be the light bodies of souls who may have been in a physical body at some time and may have been human. 

However, I feel that some of the more exotic light beings/energy lightwaves/mists, etc. may just not need to manifest in a physical body to assist with the spiritual evolution of humanity.  I feel they vibrate with consciousness in Light form, and their mission is for high purpose.  I believe many of the manifestations we are seeing are from the higher realms and need no physical form as humans do.

Some have said that if each of us could see our planet Earth from space, we would see its luminescence and incredible lightwaves.  I believe the orbs are a vital part of this and an important part of the Earth’s realignment to its cosmic purpose, Love.  Perhaps we are now responding much more to all that vibrates with the highest principles of Cosmic Love.

The abuse experienced on Earth is due to various conditionings of ignorance yet many are also remembering and reclaiming our spiritual heritage of Love and all that nurtures.  I feel the orbs are part of this nurturing from Source and, like a cosmic womb, birthing new energies and helping raise Consciousness and healing, infusing all with the highest vibrations of Love and Light.  Responding to the vibrations, we can assist with the co-creation of a better world where harmony prevails and we can reclaim our full spirituality.  I believe orbs are high light vibration infused with new light codes of information.  The Light of Love carries important information if we will only listen and learn.  The information I’ve received is that Love is All and We Are One.

May the new light energies and wonderful orbs infuse your being with all that is miraculous, magnificent and uplifting.

You may enjoy my photography when my site comes online …
Love to ALL from Violet Chrissy - envisioning a ‘new world’ where our spiritual sovereignty is DIVINE and focused on all that is benevolent, loving and compassionate.

Yvonne Scouller

Spirit Orbs began to appear in my photographs in February 2006. I had always been a keen photographer, and I was fascinated when the orbs first arrived in my photographs in February, 2006. I had been led to learn about the spirit world for 30 years before the orbs appeared, and I had been using digital cameras for a few years before they made themselves known.

Beings of Light which I believe to be developed Beings from other worlds arrived, six months after the orbs. Their arrival coincided with predications of Higher Energies arriving through portals to help our world. When the Beings of Light first arrived in my garden, I was anxious, hoping not to be "beamed up". I consulted my Angel cards which I usually only look at every few months.  Over the following week I received eight messages from the Archangel Michael. Incredibly, it was the only card that came out of the Angel pack, after thorough shuffling of the cards, time after time, for days!  When I finally acknowledged Archangel Michael, the messages stopped. The message on the cards was that I should not be frightened, that I would not be asked to do anything I could not do, and that Michael and the other powerful archangels would protect me from lower energies. 

To me Spirit Orbs are the spirits of humans and animals who have passed into the after life which some call Heaven, who manifest using the camera flash to show us that they are alive, vibrant, and healed. I communicate particularly with people who have recently passed and they usually respond by coming into my home in the colour I request. I think Spirit entities are all around us, and I meet with them, in the form of orbs, every day.

Please visit my website:

My book Spirit Orbs and Beings of Light are now around us is available world wide by contacting me at  (Australian $18 incl postage; USA $21 incl postage)